Paolo octo origami (iMaths6) CROPPEDSam has over 20 years experience teaching maths and science to children and adults. She designs her lessons to work with the student’s strengths and to build up the areas where they have weakness. She will provide many hands-on activities and fun ways to cover basic or advanced concepts.

Subjects covered (at any level from pre-school to university): Mathematics; Chemistry; Physics and Biology

Sam can work with children who are falling behind at school, or those who are gifted and need extension or acceleration. She can help her students cover any gaps in their knowledge, explore maths that is not on the syllabus, or work towards specific goals like NAPLAN, OC tests, selective school tests, scholarships, HSCs and the International Baccalaureate.

Currently, private tuition is offered:

Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Other times may be available on request. Please fill out the contact form to discuss your requirements.

“My 11 year old daughter has a mild learning disability and has needed private maths tuition to fill in many of the gaps in her learning. I chose Sam because she recognises that children are not ‘cookie cutters’ who will all respond positively to the exact same teaching style. Her holistic understanding of many different teaching styles makes her highly adaptive to the specific needs of each individual. She possesses great patience and creates a sense of calm which my child needs in order to be able to focus. She is able to make children who are lost in the world of maths, navigate their way with clarity and confidence. She is also well organised and efficient. We have thoroughly enjoyed our communication with Sam and my daughter has progressed no end.  
We highly recommend her.”     Andie


“You may never fully appreciate or understand the impact of your involvement in my child’s life – the passion you have instilled, the spark you have nurtured that others may (even inadvertently) have quashed.  You may also never know what that means to me as a mother.  Thank you doesn’t come close to doing justice to my gratitude.”     Anonymous parent

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