Testing to destruction, and directing pirates

In recent Nurture Learning classes we have created sedimentary rock models and then tested them to destruction.

sedimentary rock models makingsedimentary rock models testingsedimentary rock model disintegratedI think the children not only enjoyed the experiments but had an insight into how scientists work, and learned a bit about weathering and erosion.

We have finally finished talking about the different types of plate boundaries – convergent, divergent and transform – and briefly looked at sea-floor spreading.

The younger children played around with sand timers and stopwatches, and learned a bit about how scientists use radioactive elements to date rocks and fossils.

They also created some wonderful pirates and then used compass directions to move around a board and steal treasure from each other.

pirate (5) pirate (3) pirate (2)

pirate (4)pirate game







In the Friday group we also talked about biomes, looked at books and played some card games to reinforce their learning.

What Can I See Coral Reef Our Natural World great planet earth search book

We are moving on to talk more about catastrophic events such as floods or drought, and I am looking forward to the presentations the children will give at the end of term.