Home Ed classes

I am not currently offering any classes to home educators but I am considering a Chemistry course based on the American Chemical Society’s ‘Middle School Chemistry’ material. If social distancing measures continue for more than a couple of months, I will offer these as online classes where children do the experiments at home and then come together in a group to discuss their findings.

In previous years Nurture Learning has offered small, friendly classes for home educated children on Fridays 12:15 to 13:15 in and around Curl Curl (usually in the hall at Curl Curl Sports Centre, Abbott Road).

Each term’s course covered one topic from the NSW syllabus for Science and Technology for primary students, and ranged from 6 to 8 weeks in length.

In Term 3 2016 we offered Young Architects. Previous courses have included Young Scientists, The Physical World, Young Entomologists and Earth and Space Science.

We have a maximum of 12 students per in-person class. If numbers are high they will be split into two separate classes.

Contact us for any more information.

“Sam is a fantastic teacher, always keeping the classes interesting for the kids! The hands on practical learning is how kids really learn and remember.
I’d definitely recommend her classes 🙂” Joanna

“She engages each individual in her class by understanding them as an individual – a gift in itself.  She teaches with humour to install a love of learning, and is committed to meeting the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children, who are often misunderstood.” Anonymous parent (commenting on the GFSG Professional Appreciation nomination).


Other locations

Sam can also run classes in other locations if people can gather a minimum of seven children and are prepared to cover the cost of room hire, travel and a babysitter. A suitable location would have tables and chairs, a hard floor that is easy to clean, access to a sink and ideally an outdoor space for running around. She can bring all other material.

Please use the contact form or the Facebook page if you are interested in booking a course for home educated children.

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