image14Sam Nimmo is a British expat living in Sydney and homeschooling her four children.

Sam has a Masters from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and an MPhil(Sc) in Chemistry from Birmingham University.

Sam has worked in the education departments in both the Science Museum (London) and the Natural History Museum (London).

Sam was previously employed as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University (UK) where she taught the S103 Discovering Science course (covering  chemistry, biology, ecology, earth science and physics, plus remedial maths classes). During this time she also mentored other science tutors.

In addition to teaching her own children, Sam has volunteered in local schools and has been a private tutor for many students from the ages of 6 years up to 40-somethings wanting to change career.

Sam has also completed the Big History Project teacher training program and is available to lead groups of students through this curriculum.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. melita 4 April, 2014 / 22:20

    Hi there, I’d love to get in touch about classes for children 6-10 (home educated) – could not find a ‘contact’ form on the site. Cheers, Melita

  2. msmilovic 4 April, 2014 / 22:22

    hi there, I would like to get in touch re classes for kids – ages 7-10. Could not find a ‘contact’ form on the site. Thank you!

  3. scimumsam 9 April, 2014 / 16:20

    HI Melita, I’ve updated my blog with a contact page now. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sam

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