Silly mistakes in maths

Last Friday I had a huge to-do list. So what did I do? Nothing on my list. I spent the whole afternoon designing an infographic about avoiding silly mistakes in maths. You know the thing. You work through several lines and then realise at the end that you wrote down a + instead of a – somewhere. Or you missed out the index in x². Or you moved a constant from one side to the other but added it instead of subtracting it.

I make these mistakes. I know several of my students do. It’s not to do with a lack of understanding of the actual maths, but it can make a huge difference to the end answer and to your grades. So what can we do to avoid, or at least minimise mistakes like these?

Here are my eight tips. I’ll attach the infographic as a download too. You can download it for free, but please credit me if you share it. (Don’t crop out my logo at the bottom, please.)

NL Avoiding silly mistakes in maths (aqua and white)

Click here to download

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