Award nomination


I just received notification that I have been nominated for an award! What a lovely way to start the day. I was nominated for a Professional Appreciation Award in Gifted Awareness Week 2016. This is organised by the Gifted Families Support Group in NSW.

I won’t be going to the awards ceremony but it’s comforting to know that my work is appreciated.

Some anonymous comments from the nomination forms:

* She is dedicated to helping individual children and their families overcome the challenges they face daily…

* She is a dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic teacher who has an understanding of giftedness and how this is impacted by learning difficulties.  She goes above and beyond to support children and their families.

* Thank you for recognising that giftedness comes in all shapes and sizes and does not always equate to being “top of the class”.

* She engages each individual in her class by understanding them as an individual – a gift in itself.  She teaches with humour to install a love of learning, and is committed to meeting the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children, who are often misunderstood.

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