The Physical World

Light, sound, waves, forces, motion, electricity, magnetism and heat. All these are aspects of Physical Science that we will be exploring in this term’s classes.

What exactly is sound?

How do lasers work?

Nci-vol-2268-300_argon_ion_laser from Wikipedia

What problems do people have that involve light, and how can we use our scientific knowledge to solve them?

I will be helping the children to answer these questions and more.

We will be making weird ‘instruments’ (I won’t venture to call them ‘musical’) and painting each other with UV-sensitive body paint. We will take skateboards or other wheeled devices out in the playground to find out about forces and motion.

I have revised this course and added many new activities since the last time we presented it. I am also trialling using Padlet so that the children can view videos and answer questions in a safe online setting.

There are still places in the after school class on Mondays and a couple of places in the daytime class on Friday.

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