The Living World Part 5: Growth and change, and virtual experiments

This was the final class in our series on The Living World. The younger group reviewed life cycles and played a card game matching parents with offspring. They also discussed how they looked after their plants or creatures at home, with a wonderful presentation from one of the boys about his hens.

The older group were supposed to be carrying out experiments either on butterflies or on woodlice, but the weather meant both butterflies and woodlice were scarce in my garden. Instead we looked at an animation based on a classic experiment to see how digger wasps find their way back to their nest. You can find the animation and a description of the experiment here.

The older group also reviewed their criteria for defining something as ‘living’ and discussed whether a robot could do all the things they had listed.

I was disappointed not to finish the term with a real experiment and I hope to plan classes better when I next present ‘The Living World’.

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