Zobi and the Zoox

The Scale Free Network is a wonderful collaboration between two artists and a microbiologist. They are based in Melbourne, but run workshops all over Australia. Look at this gorgeous book that they have published about the symbiosis between a squid and the bacteria that allow it to glow in the dark:

The Squid, the Vibro & the Moon. http://scalefreenetwork.com.au/project/squid-vibrio-moon/


The Scale Free Network are looking for funding for their next book, Zobi and the Zoox, about the symbiotic community living within a coral polyp.

Zobi and the Zoox on Pozible. $25 will get you a copy of the book sent anywhere in Australia by Christmas. $30 will send it internationally. If they get enough funding to extend the project then you will get sent a copy of the iBook and audiobook in 2015. The deadline for signing up is 30 November.

This looks like a wonderful project to be involved in and I know one 6 year old marine biologist-in-waiting who would love the book for Christmas.

Image for Zobi and the Zoox, created by the Scale Free Network

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